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We create phenomenal products at Earthlight Technologies and LEARNSOFT LANGUAGE LAB SOFTWARE is one of our finest creations. The smartest and most preferred tech tool, used by Schools, Colleges, Universities, Airlines & Global Trainers for language enhancement. A brilliant user friendly product with a good 4.5 customer review star rating on a scale of 5 by users around the world. Our uniqueness, transparency, flexible engagement models, and user friendly features are what enable us to support our clients at our best.Our contents are designed to teach Language from the fundamental to real life situations. We have defined concepts in theory with examples and the practical modules in enhancing LSRW skills are that is what makes LEARNSOFT unique. Our alliance with you begins right from our software implementation, deployment and support.

What is Language Lab Software?

Language lab software is a multimedia installation used to learn languages through Information and Communication Technology. The quintessential element in a strong career growth is, excellent communication skills and our language lab enhances this important skill. It helps students to achieve more practice and enable active participation in language learning, which is next to impossible in a conventional classroom ambience.

Why we need Language Lab Software?

Ensures better attention from students since they are engaged with individual systems and irrespective of their seating pattern receive uniform attention, immaterial of the class size. Also enables individual monitoring without disrupting the ambience of the class.

LearnSoft language lab Software Features

Teacher Console

Student Consoles

Voice Chat

Basic & Advanced Digital Recorders

Interactive Teaching

Remote Desktop Access

Lesson Transfer to all / Individual students

Text Chat & Group Chat

Video Recording & Broadcasting

Text to Audio Conversion

Lesson Preparation

Graphical Voice Comparison

Audio & Text Combine Studio

Permanent Lessons Library

Multimedia Support

Audio & Video Broadcasting

LearnSoft Dictionary

Remote Controlling and monitoring

The Teacher Console enables the teachers to!

Run an impressive range of language learning exercises and activities, and support their students individually.

Discreetly monitor student activities even when students are working with live video content.

Create their own study materials with the help of advanced tools.

Add, play and even test the lessons.

Simply walk-in and teach using any and all of their existing program materials.

Pre-set the lessons, batches and sessions for the entire academic year.

Have a two way communication with the students using Text chat.

Visually monitor the students through the screen capture facility.

Enhance the learning process by combining audio or video files with text explanations, using the Media player and text file viewer.

Prepare their own custom content using the inbuilt voice recorder and video recorder.

Review student work.

Teach any language.

The student console enables the students to:

Get effective guidance and individual attention from the teacher.

Listen to the lessons pre-recorded by experts.

Listen to model pronunciations or questions; repeat/answer/record the same if required, listen to their own performance and compare the same with the model for self assessment which is the key to fast learning.

Work at their own pace and privacy.

Cognize the language in a variable context.

Submit a self-assessment at the end of each assignment to the teacher console for evaluation

Text chat with the teacher console for resolving any difficulties that may arise.

Have access to the Dictionary.

Store/access practice sessions till deletion.

Have a two way communication with Teacher.

And in a nutshell, it enables the student to master the language with ease .


  • It eliminates the fear of being monitored by peers thus allowing freedom from peer ridicule.
  • Chances of confusion are minimal, thanks to state of the art technology in sound transmission.
  • In addition, instructor can speak to an individual or a group of students in seclusion, without interrupting the rest of the class at the click of a mouse.
  • Commendable results in communication skills and content retention
  • Efficient Time management.
  • Student-centric approach

  • Iraq University College, Sommer building,Al-estiqlal Street Basra, Iraq

    M.D Palesha College, Dhule, Maharashtra

    Ilahia College of engineering and technology, Muvattupuzha

    MBITS , Kothamangalam

    SFS College, Bangalore

    M.D.Palesha Commerce College, Maharashtra

    Allahabad University, Uttar Pradesh.

    CSS Group, Chennai

    Ethiopian Airlines, Ethiopia

    Jordan University, Jordan

    Our Clients


    Ethiopian Airlines


    Peucco Global Ventures Ltd 21
    Eguadase Str ,Benin, Edo , Nigeria


    Salvatorian Institute of Philosophy and Theology
    (Jordan University)


    Upt Pusat Bahasa Universitas Hasanuddin,
    Language Center, Hasanuddin University, Indonesia


    Mazoon College, Muscat , Sultanate of Oman


    VCS Informatique Ghardaia, Algerie
    Forum Des Educateurs Beni -Isguen , Algerie
    Association Culturelle El Kotbia Beni-Isquen, Algerie


    National University, Gazipur
    Dhaka College, Dhaka
    Govt. Titumir College, Dhaka
    Eden Mohila College, Dhaka


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